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The Earhart Enigma

Retracing Amelia's Last Flight

What really happened to Amelia Earhart?  Since Earhart and her navigator disappeared during their around-the-world flight attempt in 1937, the world has searched in vain for an answer to this question.  The culmination of thirteen years of research into this tantalizing mystery, The Earhart Enigma:  Retracing Amelia's Last Flight brings to life Earhart's final days in an attempt to reconstruct what exactly took place.

Offering candid assessments of prevailing theories about Earhart's fate, author Dave Horner marshals evidence from a variety of sources, proving that Earhart was neither lost at sea nor wrecked on Nikumaroro, where many search expeditions have failed to deliver concrete results.  Integrating information garnered from numerous interviews, Pacific Islander folklore, and US and Japanese military documents, Horner argues instead that Earhart ventured north of her intended destination in search of a place to land her Lockheed Electra.

Blending drama, mystery and shocking revelations with the steady balance of an objective investigator, Horner's findings provide a definitive answer to this fascinating riddle.

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A Saga of Sea Tragedy and Sunken Treasure

In 1654, Padre Diego Rivadeneira sets out for Spain from Peru in a small armada led by the immense galleon La Capitana, "Queen of the South Sea," carrying 10 million pesos in silver coin and bullion.  Late one night, off the  coast of Ecuador, the Capitana hits a reef and begins to sink.  Aboard his own ship Padre Rivadeneiro watches in horror.

A year later, still attempting to travel to Spain, he boards the 900 ton galleon Maravillas at Cartagena.  In a freak collision the ship is lost on the wild shoals of Los Mimbres, Bahamas.  Lost also are 600 people and five million pesos in treasure.  Unable to swim, the padre clings for his life to a floating hatch cover.  He is one of only 45 survivors.

After more trials and tribulations he finally has Cadiz in sight when the English fleet attacks.  His ship explodes.  Padre Diego finds himself in the cold Atlantic Ocean.  He is rescued but taken prisoner.

Three hundred years after these events, Dave Horner discovers Padre Rivadeneiro's diary in the Archivo General de Indias, in Seville.  In 1996 and 1997, Horner and his colleagues discovered and salvaged the much sought-after treasure of the Capitana.  Among the artifacts recovered were gold, silver bars and coins, bronze cannon balls, pottery and various items of worked silver.

Shipwreck is the authentic retelling of the padre's singular story as well as a fascinating account of modern-day exploration of the Maravillas and Capitana shipwreck sites.

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The Treasure Galleons

Clues to Millions in Sunken Gold & Silver

Based upon mostly unpublished records dating from the days of Cortez in Mexico and Pizarro in Peru, this book tells the fascinating story of the staggering fortunes that were

left on the bottom of the ocean by hundreds of Spanish galleons, the wealthiest ships

for their size and time ever to sail the seas.

Dave Horner has spent years of exhaustive research in preparing this volume, drawing principally upon original sources of information in the General Archives of the Indies in Seville, Spain.  Against a background of the history of the earliest exploration for

treasure in the Western Hemisphere, he gives detailed descriptions of the ships, the

men who sailed them, their means of navigation, the rich cargo they carried, and the

ways in which much of it was lost.  In addition he tells the story of major treasure

wrecks that still lie relatively unsalvaged.  Illustrated by an impressive array of maps, drawings and photographs, The Treasure Galleons is a scholarly and dramatic

invitation to adventure.

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