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              Recent Reviews of The Earhart Enigma


"Of all the Earhart books, The Earhart Enigma is the most comprehensive.  Horner has left no page unturned

worldwide in bringing his research to those who seek the truth."

---Ann Holtgren Pellegrino, pilot, the 1967 Earhart commemorative

flight, and author, World Flight:  The Earhart Trail

"Dave Horner's research must be recognized as the undisputed authority on this epic legend."

---William H. "Bill" Stewart, economic and military historian on Saipan


"Horner dispels the 'crashed and sank' theory, convinces us of a landing in the Marshall Islands and the eventual demise

of Amelia and Fred Noonan on Saipan.  This book is a must have addition to the library of

every Earhart aficionado."

---Gene Tissot, rear admiral, US Navy, ret., and son of Ernie Tissot,

Earhart's mechanic for her 1935 Hawaii-Oakland flight


"Horner has accumulated and evaluated myriad sources and eyewitness accounts to support his alternative theory.

For the reader, The Earhart Enigma, offers a fascinating, if always controversial, reconstruction of how

Amelia Earhart's ill-fated flight ended."

---Von Hardesty, PhD, curator, Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum


"When one considers the dozens of books, many of them spurious, ill-informed, enveloping reckless and poorly supported theories

regarding Amelia's disappearance, Dave Horner has set the bar at the highest level, doggedly digging out and

validating facts leading to a steadfast conclusion as to what truly happened on her final flight.  For the serious history

buff, this is a "must-read" compilation of America's greatest aviation mystery."

---Bill Prymak, former president of the Amelia Earhart Society





Vero Beach 32963     January 2, 2014

Mysteries of the Deep Call Out to Island Writer

by Michelle Genz                        photo by Leah Dubois

"...  . .From pieces of eight to a message in a bottle, he has  scooped up secrets from the sea and wrung them from long-lost narratives.

         Horner, a retired banking executive, treasure salvor and dive shop owner, has reconstructed the journeys of wrecked ships and lost airplanes, and written several books in the process.

         The latest:  "The Earhart Enigma:  Retracing Amelia's Last Flight."

.........Of all his research, it was his study of a detailed note found in a bottle on a French beach more than a year after Earhart's disappearance that has earned him praise from fellow Earhart experts.

         They say Horner's pursuit of information on its writer, including a translation from the French, was among the most dogged on the subject.

         Today he's waiting on the sea to reveal still more narrative treasure.  He's dreaming of writing about the "lost continent" of Atlantis, and formed a non-profit corporation in Portugal for that effort..........."